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The Hives' Pelle Almqvist on new music, touring with Arctic Monkeys and the future of rock'n'roll

August 20, 2023 by Team Downtown

The Hives (wide)

"We talked to a bunch of people, but FUGA seemed to be the right fit. Everything felt pretty good about it – from the deal terms to the people..."

- Pelle Almqvist (The Hives)

Shortly before 'The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons' - The Hives' sixth album and their first studio release in more than eleven years - landed at No. 2 in the UK charts, lead singer Pelle Almqvist spoke to Music Week.

In the interview, Almqvist discussed the health of rock and roll, touring with Arctic Monkeys, and their recent deal (via ATC Management) with Downtown-owned FUGA.

Read the interview here and more details of their partnership with FUGA here.

Listen to '
The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons' here.