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We advocate for all creators

Downtown is focused on equity in music. We advocate for all creators. We believe that when creators and their partners are empowered to share in the wealth of music, they continue creating and investing back into a thriving global creative class.

Advocacy for Creators

Our business is based on empowering the creators who shape culture around the world, from the most popular musicians to those self-managing their career. We champion initiatives, technology and systems that support creators and their partners.

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Music Industry Leadership

We are active in leading music industry trade organizations and working groups in technology to bring our voice and vision to the table in service of building a more equitable global music ecosystem.

Our executives sit on the boards of various music industry trade groups and non-profit organizations around the world, including: National Music Publishers’ Association, the Music Publishers Association, Merlin, and the Digital Data Exchange, among others. These organizations exist to safeguard and promote the interests of music publishers, labels and the clients they represent, to various governments and regulatory bodies, the music industry, the media and the public at large.

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Community Partnerships

We collaborate with governments, academia, and community organizations that share our mission and vision for a more equitable and thriving global creative class.

Sound Thinking NYC, a free program designed to open doors for young women to explore careers in the music industry.

Developed by the City University of New York Creative Arts Team and the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment in partnership with NY is Music, the summer program addresses gender equity and builds leadership skills in the music industry through hands-on activities in music production and field trips to venues and sound production studios.

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