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Downtown Royalties & Financial Services announces Curve Royalty Services

June 26, 2024 by Team Downtown

Richard Leach (wide)

June 27th 2024 - Downtown’s Royalties & Financial Services division has today announced the launch of Curve Royalty Services, a flexible new service offering for labels, publishers and distributors looking to outsource all or part of their royalty processes.

Curve Royalty Services will provide Curve’s global clients with an expanded, end-to-end service offering, allowing them to utilize the company’s in-house expertise to efficiently and accurately report to their artists and songwriters.

The new service has been effectively designed to fit individual client requirements, enabling them to flexibly choose how much, or how little of their royalty processes to outsource. Whether used solely for onboarding onto the Curve platform, specific royalty processes or for full royalty accounting responsibilities, Curve Royalty Services - which has already begun its first stages of rollout to clients - will allow record labels, publishers and distributors to streamline their accounting and pay out royalties to rights holders in an accurate and efficient way. 

Richard Leach, Managing Director at Curve Royalty Systems has said,  ‘We are proud to announce this expansion to Curve's offering, providing our clients with top-tier royalty services. This is a logical next step for Curve, utilizing our team's knowledge of royalties, catalog administration, and the Curve platform itself to help our clients. It has always been our goal to make royalties better and easier: now our royalty services team can take on those parts of the process clients would like to outsource, using the powerful Curve software for the accounting process.’

The award-winning Curve platform - which provides statements to over 70,000 rights holders on behalf of 1500 clients worldwide including Domino, Epitaph, Mad Decent, Armada, Cloud9, Demon Music and Big Machine - has ensured transparent reporting and efficient payments for clients since its inception in 2017. Curve clients collectively processed an average of 1.7 billion royalty lines per month in 2024 and over 10 billion royalty lines in the first three months of 2024 alone.

The launch of Curve Royalty Services marks the next step in the company’s continued commitment to providing industry-leading royalty processes and financial services to its growing clientele.

Danielle Mignogna, Chief Partnerships Officer for 411 Music Group has said, ‘Transferring to a new royalty accounting program is not for the faint of heart and Curve has made the transition as easy as possible. Royalty accounting is a special kind of accounting that takes precision and understanding of the nuances of publishing and label agreements. Curve Royalty Services has made the matching of works and processing of statements easy, painless, and accurate and I can confidently say that the services offered by Curve are top-tier’.’

The announcement follows the recently established Downtown Royalties & Financial Services Division and the appointment of Curve founder, Tom Allen to lead the division as President. Downtown Royalties and Financial Services work across three core activities - royalty processing (powered by the Curve Platform), royalty accounting services, and payments. With the introduction of this new division, Downtown continues to drive technological innovation across the music industry, while strengthening its leadership role in music rights management.  The company’s efforts to expand its royalty and financial services for its artists, labels, and businesses follow its acquisition of Curve Royalty Systems in January 2023.