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TCG World Announces Partnership With STYNGR & Downtown

April 11, 2024 by Team Downtown

Loredana (wide)

LOS ANGELES, April 2024 – The virtual realm will soon pulse to the rhythm of music. TCG World, the fast-growing and immersive Web3 online open-world metaverse, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with STYNGR, the premier music integration platform for the gaming ecosystem, and Downtown, one of the most dominant forces in the music industry.

In a move set to revolutionize the gaming landscape, TCG World, STYNGR, and Downtown are joining forces to unveil an innovative music collectible, powered by the XRP ledger, launching in 2024. This partnership will redefine metaverse exploration by integrating curated music stations as well as exclusive artist releases and emotes into the TCG World Metaverse. "STYNGR was built to support metaverse pioneers like TCG World. We couldn’t be more proud to launch major music-driven activations, creating a rich sonic experience that complements TCG World's immersive universe” said Alex Tarrand, COO of STYNGR.

TCG World is an all-encompassing metaverse, enabling players to acquire collectibles, own virtual real estate, establish online businesses, create, and explore. Providing far more than a traditional gaming experience, TCG World Metaverse incorporates unique economic features, including player shops, collectible virtual goods, and an in-game building system. Its AAA graphics and meticulously crafted interactive environments add depth to the immersive experience. “The partnership with a music powerhouse like Downtown Music further enriches our universe, adding a melodic dimension to the platform and offering a diverse and entertaining soundscape for players.” said David Evans, CEO of TCG World.

Downtown has a history of being at the forefront of innovation, with this partnership we are merging the tech forward world of music with the rich virtual landscape in the TCG World platform.” Adds Loredana Cacciotti, EVP, Digital Revenue & Licensing at Downtown.