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Predictions 2024: Christiaan Kröner

March 06, 2024 by Team Downtown

Chris Kroner (wide)

Next up in our predictions series, we welcome FUGA's President, Christiaan Kröner...

How do you predict technology will impact FUGA and the industry at large in 2024?

CK: Technology is a key element of everything at FUGA. 2024 will not be different. We’ll continue to drive improvements to our industry-leading distribution platform. A continued focus on machine learning will bring efficiencies to our operation and will open opportunities and value to our customers through prediction models and marketing tools.

We’ll see impact of AI in 2024 in legal frameworks and regulations, the way people create and consume music and the way DSPs will operate their businesses.

What do you think presents the biggest opportunity for creators and their teams?
1) AI brings new tools or rather new instruments into the hands of creators, which will increase creativity if used in the right way.

2) This year more than ever needs to be about being connected to the fan. The main streaming services moved from being the access point of music to fans to being a more passive listening tool. Finding a way to really connect through socials but especially live will be key. A clear local strategy will remain key in the ability to build audiences

What is the most important thing the industry should look to achieve in 2024?

CK: Fraud needs to be put to a halt and revenues put in the hands of legitimate artists and creators.

Your artist to watch in 2024.

Ana Castela