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Downtown Partners With Social Activism Platform ShowUp

September 13, 2023 by Team Downtown

Mat Hall (wide)

Downtown is excited to announce a partnership with ShowUp, a platform designed to help create, support, and scale activism in the music industry. ShowUp will provide fundraising tools and strategic support to a lion’s share of the industry, seamlessly integrating activism into album releases, touring strategies, and other points within the fan-facing ecosystem. 

Over two years in development, and backed by an Advisory Board of industry execs, artists, and movement leaders, ShowUp provides first-in-industry tools and services for artists that facilitate philanthropic giving and integrate layers of accountability and audience engagement into a platform interface. In addition to seamlessly integrating social impact into broader campaign strategies, ShowUp generates measurable data that aligns with streaming and audience engagement metrics.

ShowUp offers an API integration, where partners can offer eligible artists the opportunity to direct a portion of their streaming revenue on singles, albums, or catalog to an organization of their choice. Fans can join in giving, or support simply by streaming, and artists teams add a marketing campaign to drive fan engagement. Without an API integration, partners and artists can use ShowUp’s database and campaign creation tool to generate fundraising and awareness campaigns as they’d like.  

“We are in a particularly urgent time. For many artists, activism isn’t a choice, it’s a statement of identity or an order of protection for someone they love” says Mat Hall, Co-Founder and CEO of ShowUp. “ShowUp was built to ensure that when any artist - at any stage of development - decides to speak out, that it reaches the widest possible audience and drives the greatest financial impact.”

Added Downtown Music Holdings chief commercial officer Tracy Maddux: “Activism is becoming an increasingly important part of how creators interact with their audience and the world around them. ShowUp provides them a platform to do this authentically and effectively and Downtown is a proud partner in helping make their voices heard.”

For artists and organizations interested in driving advocacy, ShowUp provides a highly curated, and easily navigable database of over 300 nonprofit organizations from which to choose, and in moments creates a lightweight fundraising link to center campaigns around. With a broader search, users can connect with over 1.7M international organizations.