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Downtown Music Publishing Signs Legendary French Touch Artists, Boombass And Étienne de Crécy

February 22, 2024 by Team Downtown

Boombass (wide)

Downtown Music Publishing (DMP) today announces global music publishing agreements with notable producer and one-half of renowned duo, Cassius,  Boombass and acclaimed DJ and producer, Étienne de Crécy.

Downtown Music Publishing will be entering into a  worldwide administration deal with celebrated producer, Boombass, who - together with Phillipe Zdar - co-produced MC Solaar's first album before forming the revolutionary duo Cassius that went on to become one of the key vanguards of the French touch era. 

Boombass - given name, Hubert Blanc Francard - will benefit from Downtown Music Publishing’s global administrative and sync services across the producer’s past and future catalog, as well as Boombass’ publishing efforts across the Cassius historical catalog; including ‘Cassius 99’ which entered the UK singles chart at #7, 2002 album ‘Au Reve’ which featured Jocelyn Brown, Ghostface Killah and Leroy Burgess, and the duo’s 4th album, ‘Ibifornia’ featuring the likes of Pharrell Williams, Ryan Tedder and Cat Power to name a few. The deal will also include single ‘I <3 U SO’ which was famously sampled by Jay Z and Kanye West in their hit single, ‘Why I Love You’ on Watch The Throne.

In 2021, Boombass published his book Boombass. Une histoire de la French touch to high acclaim, with the biography documenting his legendary journey and career in the music industry that spanned decades and inspired generations.

Matthieu Couturier, Co-founder and President of Grand Musique Management comments, 'We are very happy to begin this collaboration with Downtown Music Publishing and its excellent organization, which is known for working with legendary artists covering a scope of both legacy and new works'

Downtown Music Publishing will also be providing global administration and sync placement for lauded producer, Étienne de Crécy. Pioneering the French touch movement of the 1990s, Lyon-born Étienne de Crécy is the mastermind behind some of electronic music’s most trailblazing albums. Working as a sound engineer for the legendary Plus XXX studio in Paris, de Crécy met the late musician and producer, Phillipe Zdar and eventually formed the duo, Motorbass whose first album ‘Pansoul’ in 1994 served as the birth of French House. 

The deal will include de Crécy’s legendary back catalog and all future releases, including ‘Super Discount’, ‘Tempovision’ released in 2001 and the 2009 follow-up to his debut solo album, ‘Super Discount 2’ produced entirely using old analog instruments.

Released in 1995, Étienne de Crécy’s first solo album, ‘Super Discount’ went on to sell over 200,000 copies and was ranked by Q Magazine in their 1997 list of "The 25 Best Dance Albums Ever". Its critical success placed the album as one of the most iconic, seminal masterpieces to emerge from electronic music. 

The announcement follows a significant number of high-profile signings for Downtown Music Publishing in the last year, including Josh Ramsay, who co-wrote Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’, Grammy-winning artist and songwriter, Raja Kumari and iconic alt-rock group The National. 

Laura Bedikian, Senior A&R Manager, France for Downtown Music Publishing comments, “Downtown Music Publishing is proud to be working and representing the seminal work of two legendary producers. Boombass and Étienne de Crécy are both pioneers in their genre and we look forward to working closely with both of their teams and providing their iconic music with our administrative and creative sync services. As well as representing AIR’s catalog, Downtown Music Publishing is proud to have such a large footprint in the French market, especially those responsible for the French Touch movement. “