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Downtown CTO, Manan Vohra, dies aged 41

April 25, 2024 by Team Downtown

Manan Vohra (wide)

Downtown Music has today disclosed the sudden passing of its beloved and highly respected CTO, Manan Vohra.

An inspirational and visionary leader, Manan joined Downtown-FUGA as Global Head of Technology and Product in 2020.  With his extensive background in product and technology, he drove FUGA’s digital transformation and innovation.   As a direct result of his success in the role, Vohra was promoted to CTO of Downtown Music in March 2023.  In that role, he led the group-wide advancement of Downtown’s technology ambitions. Vohra also sat on the DDEX board and served as 7 Digital’s CTO prior to joining Downtown.

Downtown Music CEO, Pieter van Rijn, said, “Manan was one of the most caring, kind, intelligent and inspirational people I’ve known. He was our close colleague and a friend. He was such a great part of the joy working at Downtown. To myself and to so many of us, Manan leaves such a void through his upbeat manner, his sensibility, humor and not to forget the dedication to our company. He was - and his legacy remains - such an integral part of our success and of the values we stand for.”

Downtown Music Holdings CEO, Andrew Bergman added, “Those who had that privilege to know Manan realized he was an exceptional individual. While his impact on the company as our Chief Technology Officer is undeniable, I was equally, if not more, moved by his wisdom and inspiration. Every interaction with him imparted valuable lessons about life, organizational design, leadership, and more. He possessed not only intelligence but a kindness that left a lasting impression on each of us individually and on our team as a whole.”

Vohra is survived by his wife, Peggy Struck, his mother, and his sister. Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with them at this time.