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Curve Releases New Publishing Features

September 04, 2023 by Team Downtown

Tom Allen (wide)

Downtown-owned Curve, the award-winning royalty processing platform, has recently released a raft of new features for its publishing clients.

The platform, which is compatible with every possible data format and size, has introduced game-changing updates to its software which include a brand-new suite of delivery features that allow users to control, automate, and review work registrations alongside new and improved mapping tools that vastly increase efficiency and further expand Curve's powerful Mapping Manager.

"We've seen the frustrations from publishers dealing with the complexities of their business, and how much effort it takes to continually manage this, just to register works and report royalties. We've really fixed our focus on this at Curve in 2023, and are making great improvements to the platform so it fits the world of the modern music publisher,” said Tom Allen, President of Curve. From automating registration and acknowledgment processes, through to quicker revenue mapping processes and income tracking, we're focussed on making the complexities in publishing more manageable."

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