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Predictions 2024: Christine Barnum

March 07, 2024 by Team Downtown

Christine Barnum (wide)

Next Up, CD Baby CRO and one of the music industry's leading figures on Trust & Safety, Christine Barnum.

How do you predict technology will impact the business and the industry at large in 2024?

AI will continue to be a hot topic, but I predict the focus will shift from the creation side and more towards how artists and their teams can leverage AI to help fuel growth in their careers - fewer flashy headlines, but likely resulting in more tangible results to artists.  

What do you think presents the biggest opportunity for creators and their teams?

CB: See my prior answer!  Figuring out a way to use AI tools to crank through some of the drudgery of growing a career in music would benefit a lot of people - giving people more time to focus on creative endeavors, relationship building, etc.

What is the most important thing the industry should look to achieve in 2024?

CB: Figuring out a viable alternative to the pro rata royalty calculations. Life sure was simpler when earnings were calculated based off of unit sales! 

Your business to watch in 2024.

CB: I hope I don’t sound like a creep, but I’m always fascinated by what Michael Pelczynski has to say.